Group Classes at Smithland in Hadley!

My Dog, LLC offers group classes at Smithland in Hadley, MA on Thursday evenings!   Class sizes are limited.  My Dog, LLC also offers group classes at Dakin in LEVERETT on Saturday mornings.  Go to the for their information and registration.

How To Enroll in Hadley

At Smithland’s in Hadley, pick up the brochure and complete its application form.


Review the listing to your right and print and complete the Application from the Application link.


Email for class information.

Either way, complete an application, enclose a check made out to My Dog, LLC荔枝视频app深夜福利,在线观看深夜福利视频, and mail to My Dog, LLC, 76 Memorial Drive, Amherst, MA 01002. You will receive an email confirmation with links to class materials.

Class Requirements

All class dogs must be dog and human friendly, up to date on inoculations, in good health at class, and not in season (heat).  Private sessions may be arranged for dogs not yet ready for group classes.

For more information, email or leave a message at 413-256-DOGS (3647).

Caryl-Rose instructs bulldog Rover to watch her attentively.

荔枝视频app深夜福利,在线观看深夜福利视频Photo courtesy of © 2013 The Republican Company, by John Suchocki

My Dog works professionally with dogs and their owners and is committed to the learning process of the entire family. We can teach dogs more quickly, effectively and with longer lasting results when we understand the basics of how dogs learn and think.

荔枝视频app深夜福利,在线观看深夜福利视频“Dogs must be taught what humans expect. Otherwise they will act like dogs – jumping, barking, pulling or lunging on leash, scavenging, and deciding for themselves where to pee and poop. A dog who does such things won’t be a joy to live with and is at risk of being relegated to the yard or surrendered to a shelter.” — Caryl-Rose Pofcher, Owner

The positive reinforcement methods employed by My Dog, LLC荔枝视频app深夜福利,在线观看深夜福利视频 are based on learning theory and employ techniques such as rewarding good behaviors, managing the environment to minimize unwanted behaviors, reinforcing incompatible behaviors, counter-conditioning, desensitizing, building the relationship between the owner(s) and the dog (some call that leadership or establishing the hierarchy), and training behaviors utilizing shaping, luring and capturing.

荔枝视频app深夜福利,在线观看深夜福利视频“Socialization and basic training with positive techniques can help prevent or change such a downward spiral and give you the dog you want. Dogs, like people, are subject to both ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’. It’s up to us to help bring out the best of their nature and teach them how to live harmoniously and obediently with their human families and society.”

荔枝视频app深夜福利,在线观看深夜福利视频As many a gifted trainer has demonstrated, if you want more of a behavior — reward it. If you want less of a behavior — prevent it, ignore it, and/or train a replacement behavior (e.g., sit to greet instead of jumping).

My Dog’s荔枝视频app深夜福利,在线观看深夜福利视频 training is gentle, effective, logical and fun.

Caryl-Rose and Rover

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